If something is to be learned in this life, it is not to interfere in the way of the mafia, not least in that of Santo Russo, protagonist of this original Italian Netflix thriller.

The streaming platform is betting on other countries and not only North America for productions in which it puts its eye and its investment, and this time it was the turn of Italy, with Los Despiadados (Lo spietato).

Directed by the Italian Renato de Maria, it is a good reference of the cinema that takes place today in that country, but in addition to one that chooses the“Italian mafia” – with its crimes and intrigues – as a central argument.

The ruthless focuses on the life of a rebel boy, Santo Russo (Riccardo Scamarcio), a Calabrian raised in the interior of the country and who since he was young has the clear intention of entering the world of the mafia in Milan, who lives a Golden era in full 80.

Already become an adult and become the right hand of a most feared and powerful mafia group in the city, the ‘Ndrangueta, Santo Russo leads robberies, kidnappings, goes into drug trafficking and money laundering, and without mercy, starring executions in cold blood.

While we see a lot of blood, bullets and betrayals, the protagonist’s personal drama is quite relevant in the development of the script, because Santo is always torn between tradition and the avant-garde.

The Ruthless

Both aspects are well represented, in addition, in Mariangela (Sara Serraiocco), the firmly Catholic wife, and Annabelle (Marie-Ange Casta), the passionate French lover of the Mafia head.

Which path will this Italian heartthrob choose? 

They can’t even imagine it.

Applause brings out the atmosphere of the film, with perfect haircuts, costume details and scenery set us to Milan of yesteryear.

The same goes for Riccardo Scamarcio’s performance as Holy Russian – who is coming out of a wave of applause with the feature film Euphoria at Cannes 2018 – makes him understand why he is the man of the moment in Italy.

The film premiered this Friday April 19 keeps the eyes glued on the screen from beginning to end, not only because of the action that is unleashed in its scenes, but also because of the internal struggle that the character lives at times.

If that also adds a ruthless outcome that lives up to its title, it is the perfect plan to choose on Netflix this weekend to abstract from this world for almost two hours.

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