Crime and political corruption in a series that shows the darkest side of Rome

What price would a person be willing to pay for power. Could it be that the most honest politician can stain his hands with blood? The answer is in Suburra, the first series produced by Netflix Italia that catches the European public in particular. Although it has been on the platform for two years, it had a resurgence in recent months and captivated those who had not yet fallen into its network.

A frantic thriller that mixes two worlds: the visible and the darkest. Crime, mafia, political corruption, power struggles between families, impossible loves. And the Vatican itself. The real story intermingles with fiction. A series that begins slowly and in a few minutes takes the viewer to the top.

The Roman mafia boss, nicknamed “The Samurai”, starts a rampant war to keep land that the Holy See has in Ostia, a city near Rome. This gangster intends to build a port to enter drugs without police control. But for this you need to make alliances. For example, with politicians.

And in the meantime, he has no choice but to end up with a group of young people eager for power that cross his path. Aureliano, an Ostia gangster. Lele, the son of a Roman policeman. And Spadino, one of the leaders of the gypsy Anacleti family.


The Italian actor Giacomo Ferrara is the one who plays the latter. “What you see in Suburra, unfortunately, is part of the history of my country,” acknowledges the young protagonist born in Abruzzo. The series is named after a popular neighborhood in ancient Rome where the crime is a breeding ground. Having said that, the public can intuit what is coming.

The immigration crisis or the rise of the extreme right are present in this series, because if there is something that the capital mafia affirmed (the criminal network that operated in the business and political sphere of Rome) was that they “earned more money with immigration than with drugs. ” And this is one of the faces that Netflix wants the public to discover: how the mafia makes box with immigration.

Save them

“What Salvini does is inhuman,” says Ferrara about the closed-sea policies that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini applies to the arrival of immigrants by sea. “You have to save them, because they need help. We cannot leave them in the water, aimlessly, we must help them. It is clear that the challenge is enormous, but you have to give them a chance, ”adds the Italian actor in telephone communication with El Observador. 83 thousand immigrants have arrived in their country in the last year, according to Acnur, who estimates that almost 2,000 have lost their lives along the way.

Spadino, the ambitious gypsy who plays Ferrara in Suburra, leaves the closet and faces a double situation that is difficult to handle: the homosexual community sees him as someone exotic because he is a Zingaro, but he must keep silence in his family nucleus. If not, you can lose everything. “In the gypsy culture, in Italy, the rules are very strong,” explains Ferrara. “Love is love. Let’s not forget that homosexuality has always existed, ”adds the protagonist of Suburra.

In this Italian series there are practically no scruples, in any scene. And this is recognized by Jacopo Venturiero, who plays Adriano, a far-right journalist who works on the most listened to local radio program. He specializes in football but gets fully into current political issues. And he has a lethal power: his credibility before his audience. That is why it bothers many white-collar criminals. More journalism, more risk. That is what his character is walking along a thin line of danger.

Unexpected turn to history

“The work group in the series has been incredible, there was a fantastic atmosphere,” explains the revelation Roman actor who takes an unexpected turn to history. His role exposes the political games of the most honest and unleashes the fury of the most reckless gangsters. “The facts of the series are invented, but based on the period that has been dominated by the mafia capitale,” he confesses.

This actor, who speaks Spanish very fluently, intends to travel to Uruguay after recording the third season of Suburra that has already been confirmed by Netflix Italia. “I had several Uruguayan classmates,” he recalls. And that’s why he wants to tour and discover the country.

Without a doubt, this is a series to watch with subtitles in Spanish and in the original language. Because if there is something in which the two actors interviewed agreed, it was to ask: “Have you seen it in Spanish, English or Italian?” “Italian,” I replied, and they considered it especially important, mainly, because of the different dialects that are heard and that give different meanings.

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