By all means / De toutes nos forces

Unlike the main French cinema hit of recent years “1 + 1”, the picture of Niels Tavernier did not find much fame either on the international scene or in France itself: only 600 thousand Frenchmen honored it with their attention, according to the statistics of fees (versus 20 million in the case of “1 + 1”). The indicated films, however, have a lot in common. The focus is on the adventures of two characters, one of whom is confined to a wheelchair. Both scenarios are based on real events. Both stories are about the fact that limited opportunities cannot be a reason for being stingy with the adventures and emotions of life.

Welcome to Marly-Gomont / Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont

Another fictional story – this time from the mid-1970s – served as the impetus for creating a sparkling comedy about the family of a black doctor who decides to move from Congo to France. Yes, not just to France, but to a modest northern village, where previously there were no doctors or immigrants from African republics. One of the screenwriters of the picture, Camini Zantoko, was the responsible rapper, the author of the thundered song in 2006 called “Marley-Gomont,” but the main thing was the son of the doctor who had fought against racism in a single French village.

Japplu / Jappeloup

The memories of the Olympic champion in the show jumping Pierre Durant (Guillaume Canet), whose biography formed the basis of the film “Japplu”, awakens in the soul of the French about the same feelings that excite us when we think about the long-standing victories of gymnast Latynina and, say, swimmer Alexander Popov. That is, at the same time pride in the nation, nostalgia and sadness. These feelings brought to the cinema halls nearly two million French. And although the film remained unprofitable, as the producers cost as much as € 26.6 million, critics and viewers agreed that Dyuga turned out to be a solid tense biopic. And that its key commercial flaw is the protagonist, not very well known outside of France.

The ideal man / Un homme ideal

The plot of the painting by Jan Gozlan with originality, frankly, does not shine. The main character, who dreams of becoming a famous writer, signs memoirs of strangers, accidentally found, and instantly becomes a literary star signing autographs – a kind of “ideal man.” We read something similar with Henri Trois (“Dead grabs the living”). Something similar – seen in the movie “Words” with Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. Which, however, does not spoil the impression of Gozlan’s work. After all, the director, by his own admission, learned the art of creating a thriller from the best of the best – from Roman Polanski, Claude Chabrol and Alfred Hitchcock.

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