Many of the films starring Adam Sandler, such as “Sandy Wexler” or “With magic in shoes,” barely reach the approval. Netflix, however, has taken advantage of the talent of the comedian, who has given the platform infarction figures, specifically, 500 million hours of viewing. The last film starring Sandler, “Criminals at sea”, once again demonstrates that the interpreter is a guarantee of success for the Reed Hastings company. It was, according to data from the multinational, the most watched movie during the weekend of its premiere (30.9 million accounts, not profiles, in just three days). By countries, according to data provided by Netflix 13,374,914 accounts belong to the US, while 17,494,949 are from other countries, since the film has been subtitled in German, Spanish, French and Italian for subscribers.

The good reception of “Criminals at sea” is not the only thing that has attracted attention in our country. The film introduces us to a policeman (Adam Sandler) from New York who finally fulfills the old promise of taking his wife (Jennifer Aniston) to Europe. Your plane lands in one of the most tourist cities of our country: Malaga. And that’s where the topics begin. Upon arrival at the Costa del Sol, the protagonists of “Criminals at sea” are received by a woman dressed in a flamenco dress and by a guitarist who encourages her partner to continue dancing and fanning.

After this moment a bus appears on the scene that, according to its appearance, seems taken from any post-war movie and whose label (Gonzales Tour) evokes Latin America more than Spain. The tour guide, dressed in the colors of the Spanish flag and a straw hat, is dedicated to urging tourists to end the long line that forms just the vehicle. The picture is anything but the dream scenario for a romantic trip. What need to reflect a country that has little or nothing to do with the plot of “Criminals at sea”?

The surprising stereotyped image of Spain has even reached the pages of “The Guardian”, where people responsible for Tourism of the Costa del Sol claim the true identity of the city. «This movie has nothing to do with the true Costa del sol. We are more surprised than outraged. It is a very retrograde idea of  life here, with a gypsy airport and everything else. Malaga has 37 museums and is an important cultural center, ”explains Fatima Oliva, spokesman for Costa del Sol Tourism. In fact, not a single scene was filmed in Spain, but in Montreal and Italy. “Maybe he has never been here or they simply prefer to play with the clichés, that’s why we invite those responsible for the movie to come and check it in situ.”

Classic thriller

"Criminals at sea."

This thriller comedy about a murder on a ship, which might well be inspired by one of Agatha Christie’s novels, exploits stereotypes to the limit so that tension can be removed from the plot and the audience laugh. Because the bus scene is not the only surreal in which the protagonists are involved. To get an idea, after boarding the luxury yacht, the Spitz, although they have nothing to do with the rest of those present, end up being the main suspects in a murder.

The agreement continues

In 2014, Adam Sandler signed a contract with Netflix to carry out six projects with the streaming platform. Five of them were movies and the other was monologue (“100% Fresh”). Although the criticism only accompanied the comic space that the platform gave it, the audiences were so high that Netflix extended the agreement with its producer, Happy Madison, in 2017 to film four more titles.

“We continue to be very excited about our relationship with Sandler and that our members remain excited about his films,” said Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. No matter how much they agreed, the platform must be more than happy with the more than 31 million users who have already seen “Criminals at sea.”

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