Antonio is today one of the most prominent representatives of in the Spanish cinema also in Hollywood

The actor has over 30 years of experience in the film industry. But, being a little boy, he did not even think of doing cinema. Young Antonio completely surrendered to his passion for football, and if it were not for the injury that he received in one of the matches, who knows, today, perhaps we would honor him in another field. At the age of 14, the boy’s priorities changed dramatically, Antonio entered the acting school, and later joined the theater troupe.

He began his career in cinema after moving to Madrid, and it was Pedro Almadovar (whom we wrote about earlier) that played a key role in the formation of the young actor. After the release of the films “Matador” and “Tie Me Up” by this famous director, Antonio is nominated for the first Goya awards in his life, and the fifth film in the joint performance of “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown” is nominated for the Academy Award as “Best Foreign Film”.

If Almadovar can be considered the one who discovered Banderas to the world, then his image of the Latin macho belongs entirely to Madonna. Their first collaboration in the documentary “Truth or Dare” almost ended with a novel, as Madonna openly tried to seduce the then-married actor. But, perhaps partly due to this event, Banderas was invited to play in the English film “The Kings of Mambo”. Although she did not have a stunning success, she was a significant step in his career.

The main breakthrough in Hollywood was the leading roles in the films Philadelphia (1993) and Interview with the Vampire (1994). And in 1995, Robert Rodriguez gave us El Mariachi, a desperate musician who lost everything he loved in this life, and, full of thirst for revenge, crushed all the enemies on his way in the movie Desperado. From that moment on, the temperamental, passionate, ironic and damn attractive Banderas won the hearts of his viewers and fans forever.

To date, the number of films featuring Antonio will soon exceed 100, while the actor is full of energy and continues to work. In addition to his acting, Banderas is actively involved in the life of his hometown (Malaga), is a knight of the Spanish Legion, singer, dancer, director, father, owner of vineyards and his own brand of wines (Anta Banderas), has his own brand of perfumes, so you can say that Antonio Banderas is a man with a capital letter!

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